Paul S. Palmer, Bagpiper
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago-land Bagpipe Prices

chicago bagpipe music, Paul S. Palmer professional bagpiperThe cost for my services in the Chicago-land area starts at $200. additional charges may involve travel time, parking cost or number of performances required. 

Method of payment? Cash always makes me happy, business and funeral home checks, OK. No personal checks, please. Future jobs (weddings) require a deposit, personal check, OK.

You can afford to hire the Best!

Don't wait to book me! I book weddings sometimes a year in advance and funerals usually have only a few days lead time. I can get several calls for a Saturday funeral. The same is true for popular wedding dates.
Irish, Scotish bagpipe music, bagpipes for hire

Most programs are 10 to 15 minutes of music depending on the appropriateness of the situation or the embarrassment factor of the recipient. The bagpipe stops the action. The recipient at a party is frozen in time while the bagpiper is playing for them, everybody has to stop and watch. It's not a background instrument!  Rule of thumb: ten minutes of bagpiping is perfect, twenty minutes is way too much. Even on St. Paddy's day, 15 minutes at best.

I only want One Song!

What many bagpipe lovers don't realize is the bagpipe has to be played in advance (warmed up) and kept tuned prior to playing as well as adequate travel time to arrive early plus the amount of time between playing, etc, etc. It's my experience from over 25 years of playing the pipes, that few jobs are less than four hours total time. That's half a work day!
Funerals, wakes and graveside services can include 1 to 6 tunes, medleys of related tunes and often I am asked to play only "Amazing Grace". See Funeral Info

I play Irish and Scottish music and always wear the traditional Kilted outfit. I have played the bagpipe for many recipients who were neither Irish nor Scottish, it is an instrument that is universally recognized and quit a unique gift idea. Surprise someone tommorow!

Bagpiper Palmer Fox TVPaul S. Palmer, playing on Fox Morning News, Chicago, March 17

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Phone 312-749-3940