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COVIS-19 Rules: don't stand next to anyone. That's what I do normally!

     For over 25 years, Paul S. Palmer has played the bagpipes at many funeral events in the Chicago, Illinois area. His professionalism is known throughout the Midwest. Ask your funeral director, chances are, Paul S. Palmer is already familiar to them. They know my work, they know the difference a professional makes. When only the Best will do.

     Because of the short lead time to arrange for my services, it's important to call me as soon as you know the funeral details. I can get several calls for the same day. I have also received a call the night before, that works sometimes. Don't wait to call!

     Chicago-land funeral costs start at $200. Final amount depends on travel distance and if I'm playing one, two or three events. One event could be only at the Funeral Home or only the Church or just the Cemetery.

     Example: The Full Package, in the Chicago area, leading your loved one out of the funeral home, and in and out of the church and at the cemetery is $375.

For a list of Familiar Bagpipe Music for Funerals go to music.

Paul S. Palmer, Professional Bagpiper
Playing at the Funeral Mass for Bishop Edwin M. Conway
Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, IL.Funeral Bagpiper, Paul S. Palmer

What difference does a Professional make?

     It's more than just playing a tune on the pipes any decent piper can do that. It's what happens behind the scenes that makes all the difference. You arrive early to coordinate with all the principals involved in the service. The funeral director, the music people, the clergy and the military, all need to be on the same page. Not everyone has worked with a bagpiper before and it's my job to apprise them of how I compliment the service. I have worked with the best in the funeral industry, that's why I'm good at what I do. When you make arrangements for a loved one, you expect all the professionals to work seamlessly together. I make that happen!

Winter Rules: Chapel only at cemetery.

     No graveside after October 31, 2020. WHY? The bagpipe changes very quickly in cold weather and wind. They go out of tune. Keeping the bagpipe at an even temperature is a challenge anytime of the year but more important in the winter months. Not only does it sound like you are choking a cat but you can crack the instrument when it's near freezing. Plus and probably most important, my knees get cold!
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The fastest way to hire or confirm a date is to Call:
 Paul S. Palmer, Bagpiper, at 312-749-3940