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Familiar Bagpipe Music 2020

Paul S. Palmer, Chicago Bagpiper

     Most bagpipe music is written just for the bagpipe. Some songs can be adapted if they fit within the narrow range of 9 notes. Yes, we have only 9 notes, no sharps, no flats. All bagpipe music is memorized and unlike other instruments, you can't play the bagpipe off standard sheet music. This is why many popular songs can't be played on the bagpipe. Sorry, you can't send your loved one Stairway to Heaven or Free Bird! The good news is, I make it my business to know the songs people recognize on the bagpipe.

     Familiar Bagpipe tunes:

1. Amazing Grace: Hymn, most popular tune regardless of ethnic background.

2. O' For A Closer Walk With God: Hymn, good for church or cemetery.

3. Scotland The Brave: Almost the Scottish National Anthem, upbeat march.

4. Wings: Another familiar upbeat Scottish march. (not Wind Beneath My Wings).

5. When The Battle Is Over: Retreat (slow), funeral tune, good as military salute.

6. Cliffs Of Doneen: Irish, slow aire , good tune with many names.

7. Danny Boy: Also called Londonderry Aire. Very recognizable.

8. Minstrel Boy: Irish, very recognizable, played upbeat or slow.

9. Dawning Of The Day: Irish, Folk Tune, goes well with Minstrel Boy.

10. Wear'n Of The Green: Irish, upbeat funeral tune or perfect wedding recessional.

11. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling: Irish, Lighter Tune.

12. Notre Dame Victory March: Popular with ND fans from County Cook.

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