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Wedding Bagpiper, Chicago

     For over 25 years, Paul S. Palmer has played bagpipe music for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and surprise events in the Chicago, IL. area.

      Don't wait to reserve your day. I sometimes book a year in advance and popular wedding dates go fast.

     Half of my jobs are a surprise for the recipient. It's easy to arrange and always a hit. If you want to do something out of the ordinary for someone special, think of hiring Paul S. Palmer, a professional bagpiper.

Paul S. Palmer, Wedding BagpiperWeddings have several options for using the bagpiper.

      One, playing at the church or ceremony site. Usually I'm playing the bride and groom from the alter and playing for the bridle party. I have played the bride to the alter and I have played the groom to his place.

      Two, playing at the reception. I'm playing the bride and groom into the reception, getting them to their table and then playing a medley as the salute to the bride and groom and playing myself off the floor.

Paul S. Palmer, playing inside Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, IL., by special permission. (See right)

Experience makes a difference.

      Because of my years of experience, I work well with all the important people helping to make your day special. Part of my job behind the scenes is to talk to the wedding planner, the minister, the music folks and even the photographer to make sure we are all on the same page. Many times I find that they have never worked with a bagpiper and they need to know what I do, don't do and when I do it. When your wedding looks perfect, it's because all the professionals did their jobs. It's what you don't notice that makes the difference.

Wedding Fees for 2019

     Weddings in the Chicago area start at $200. Part of that fee ($50.) is a deposit to hold your day, with the balance paid the day of the wedding. Additional costs may involve travel time, parking and how many times I play. If you want me to play both the wedding and the reception, the time involved becomes a factor. I have played a noon wedding and a 7:00 pm reception, total time involved, over 9 hours.

I like to play recognizable bagpipe music where I can, see Familiar Bagpipe Tunes.
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